Trying to find stable ground when everything is collapsing

My husband is an author and I think he has summed up how most of us are feeling at the moment in this thoughtful and beautiful blog post. Take care everyone, and, as much as possible, take care of everyone else.

Josh Langley

I thought we’d reached peak overwhelm during the bushfire disasters in January, but now that seems a distant memory compared to what’s going on now.

I don’t need to compile a detailed list of all that’s currently happening – you know it, you’re living it. It’s in the aisles on the supermarkets, it’s in the empty stadiums, the cancelled concerts and the rolling coverage on the news and social media.

Since last December, it feels like it’s been one shit show after another.

We haven’t even had time to emotionally recover from the fires and floods and then we’re suddenly facing months of uncertainty about how the coronavirus will play out. We’re then locked up, shut out, distanced from each other and told we can’t even give a reassuring hug.

Some might lose their incomes, some their jobs and some their lives.

I wish I could offer some wise…

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