Peppermint Tree

A peppermint tree stands emaciated

Within the square of the low sandstone wall that imprisons it

The breeze blows my way

A waft of summer holidays down south

A reminder the tree is still there

Though my back is turned to it

Its bark gnarled and twisted

Grimaces fiercely at the world

Branches sneer down in disgust

At the plastic lunch wraps and condoms scrunched and flaccid

Woven by chaos to form a tortured mat

A testimony of crisp, dry, curled leaves and rubbish

Above the tree droops lonely

Captive for my comfort

But revenge comes silent for the peppermint tree

The mosquitos it attracts carry Ross River virus

That virus infects the other

Crows above caw

The peppermint tree lures

One more

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